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HDPE-Corrugated Sewage Pipe
Dec 03, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Compound Material:Plastic Composite Pipe

  • Material:PE-Al-PE

  • Installation and Connection:Clamping Type Installation

  • Technology of Plastic Composite Pipe:Internal and External Coating

  • Base Pipe of Plastic Composite Pipe:Welded Steel Pipe

  • Internal Coating Materials of Plastic Composite Pipe:Polyethylene Coating Steel Pipe

  • Plastic Composite Pipe Coating Form:Inner and Outside Coating

  • Plastic Composite Pipe Model:GS-—D-SP-T-EP(PE)

  • Steel Skeleton PE Pipe Use:Municipal

  • Aluminium Plastic Compound Pipe Use:Water Distribution Pipe in Building

  • Steel Plastic Composite Pipe Model:GS-—D-SP-T-EP(PE)

  • Aluminium Plastic Compound Pipe Material:High Density Polyethylene Aluminum Composite Pipe

  • HS Code:39173200

Product Description

DPE-Corrugated Sewage Pipe
(1)Inside Diameter: Φ200,Φ300,Φ400,Φ500,Φ600,Φ800.
(2) Ring Bending Stiffness: SN4 4KN/m2; SN8 8KN/m2.
(3) Length: 6m by piece
(4) Color: inner wall-blue; outer wall-black.

Product description: (1)Inside Diameter: Φ200,Φ300,Φ400,Φ500,Φ600,Φ800. (2) Ring -Bending Stiffness: SN4 4KN/m2; SN8 8KN/m2. (3) Length: 6m/ (4) Color: inner wall-blue; outer wall-black.

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