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HDPE Water Pipe The Special Structure Makes It High In Strength
Jul 21, 2017

HDPE Water Pipe in the production process, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, access to more benefits, will use some of the material for the production, but often these back to the production of the pipe will allow users to a variety of security risks.

We first look at the production of HDPE Water Pipe back to what

Roughly divided into recycled materials and crushed material, which includes medical waste, chemical waste, etc., great harm to the human body.

What are the preparations for the HDPE water supply pipe before welding?

1. Before the hot melt welding, wipe the surface of the HDPE feed pipe weld area and remove the dirt from both sides of the pipe end.

2. According to the different diameter of the selection of the corresponding fixtures and brackets, will be welded HDPE Water Pipe placed on the bracket and fixture, so that both ends of the length of the extension of the length of the length of the milling and heating to meet the requirements Should be as short as possible. If necessary, the part of the HDPE water supply pipe rack can be lifted with a support so that the centerline of the fixture is at the same height as the pipe axis and then fixed with a fixture.

3. First open the cutter power switch, and then slowly close the two pipe welding end, and apply the appropriate pressure, until both ends have a continuous cutting out after the view can remove the pressure,HDPE Water Pipe wait a moment and then push the movable frame.

4. Turn off the milling cutter and remove the cutter, close the two tube ends, check the milling at both ends.

5, according to the different wall thickness, cooling the corresponding time.

6, such as cooling after the release of the fixture.

HDPE drainage pipe is a high-density polyethylene material through hot extrusion winding and other special technology made of new plastic pipe, in the absence of internal pressure can replace the steel pipe and PVC pipe. It is mainly used in sewage, crop irrigation and drainage, such as roads, farmland, garden, waste disposal field, sports field, subway project, residential area, communication cable, etc.,HDPE Water Pipe to prevent these Local protection of facilities or crops is caused by excessive water content.

HDPE drainage tube light and stable, with good corrosion resistance, insulation, smooth wall, is conducive to water emissions, the special structure to make it with high strength, ring stiffness and toughness, can withstand strong impact.

Performance characteristics of HDPE drainage pipe

1, high strength, can withstand strong pressure and impact;

2, the wall smooth, the friction and resistance of the fluid is small, the nozzle is not easy to plug, conducive to the flow of water, drainage performance; hdpe drainage performance characteristics

3, corrosion-resistant, free from waste water, sewage containing chemical substances and rotting material erosion;

4, good wear resistance, comparable to cement pipes and steel pipe, can be used for a long time;

5, the special connection, the connector will not leak problems, easy to connect;

6, cheap, light weight, help transport and construction, improve construction efficiency, reduce project costs.