Dredge Pipe Floater/Floats

SUNPLAST dredge pipe floater/floats are designed to be applied on HDPE dredge pipe & suction & discharging rubber pipes that be used for dredge works. The dredge pipe floater/floats are composed by two halves, which are fixed by bolts/nuts by placing each half dredge pipe floats on the pipe. The inside diameter of dredge floats shall be designed into a elliptical shape, whose smaller diameter is 5-10mm less than dredge pipes outer diameter, so the dredge pipe floats will be fixed with pressure tightly, no slipping while assembled into the pipe.


The Dredge Pipe Floater/Floats are made from high wear resistant LDPE by rotational molding technology, filled with high strength polyurethane foam inside. The dredge pipe floater/floats are normally manufactured in yellow color, which is a warning sign for the vessels.


Structure of Dredge pipe floats/floaters:

Outer plastic shell: the dredge pipe floats/floaters is made from LDPE, about 7-12mm thickness, which can withstand the impact of sea wave. The outer plastic shell is rotationally moulded in one-time, no second welding process, this assure the reliability of dredge pipe floats/floaters for normal use.

Inner filled material: Inside the dredge pipe floats is filled with PU foam. PU foam is very light weight, at the same time, it is nonabsorbent material. This assure The dredge pipe floats/floaters can still work in case the outer shell is leaking.


The Dredge floater/floats are also manufactured in a way that will allow them to absorb the energy from vessel collision, to protect the pipelines that they are supporting.


With reasonable structure and good performance, the dredge pipe floater/floats becomes the ideal substitution of the traditional steel floater for the floating dredging pipes.


SUNPLAST can supply various sizes of dredge pipe floats/floaters for choice. The customers can also find a right dredge pipe floats from us based on their dredge pipe.


Contact us freely if you are interested in our dredge pipe floats/floaters.

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  • Dredge Pipe Floats/Floater for offshore discharge dredge work. Dredge Pipe Floats/Floater is made of LDPE outer shell & filled with PU foam inside. The Dredge pipe Floats/Floater is a ideal solution for dredge work. Contact us for more deatils of prices for Dredge pipe Floats/Floater for your dredge work!

Sunplast specialized in producing Dredge Pipe Floater/Floats. Since the foundation, our company has always been in pursuit of the best cost performance and exceed customer expectations as our objective.