Advantages of PEX pipe


Good resistance to pressure, nominal pressure 1.25MPa,de16mm pressure greater than 6MPa,de20mm blasting pressure 5MPa; temperature range: -70--95 c (short-110 ℃), acid and alkali resistance, can be used for a variety of chemical substances transportation.

Tube both inside and outside wall smooth, resistance small, not scaling; clean, and no pollution, can from people reference "yellow water", and "rust water" of bitter; using dedicated fittings, can convenient shortcut to installation, not needed attack silk, and sets buckle, and welding; easy bent virile, save fittings; weight light, compared tube long only plating zinc pipe of 1/10; has better of insulation insulation performance; using life long, in 70 ℃, work pressure ≤ 0.8MPa, continuous using years for 50 years.