Canex Wire Laying Solution Cx-450/1000zf Electrofusion Fitting Producing


Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:SP-450/1000ZF

  • Material:Injection Mould Fitting, HDPE Pipe Segment

  • Connection:Embed Wire Into Electrofusion Fittings

  • Type:Horizontal Horizental Wire Laying Model and Size

  • Technology:Canex Wire Laying Solution

  • Electrofusuion Fitting:Electrofusion Coupler, Electrofusion Reducer,Repir

Product Description

Suitable for electrofusion couper, electrofusuion reducer,electrofusion saddle, 
electrofusion repair saddle, electrofusion end cap

 electro fusion fitting production equipment
 Electro fusion fitting production equipment wire laying machine for productin
Size for : 450----1000 Pipe couplings/45-90 elbow / Reducer/ Tee/ Saddle
Working way :   vertical and herizontal 
Electro fusion fittings made of : hdpe pipe /injection mould fittings.
Applications : E/F Coupling, Tee, Eelctrofusion  90degree Elbow, 45degree Elbow, 
Flange, E/F Reducer,  Electrofusion Pad,Saddle etc.
Non-standard wire laying machines can be customized.: new fixture/clamps necessary.
 CNC E/F Wire Laying Machine
ONE---- Electrofusion fittings
Electrofusion fittings:
Electrofusion fittings are used as pipe connecting, tube inner wall surface embedded heating with copper wire, 
copper wire at both ends of the connection dedicated electric welding machine with terminals.
pe fittings wire machines 
Electrofusion Welding
Applying a controllable ends embedded in the copper tube fever upper power supply voltage terminal, 
so that it is embedded in the tubular member under the action of the copper current to generate heat, 
the surface of the plastic pipe and the inner surface of the pipe member is inserted into the tube and melt through the 
plastic melt expansion force of the surface and the inner surface of the pipe fittings tangled molten plastic, play a role in the connection after melt cooling.
Electrofusion Wire Laying Machine-Process
Injection Molded fittings or PE Pipe as material for Electrofusion fittings,By mechanical boring cutting to achieve required inner size,
Embedded copper wires into the fittings,shape the inner surface. All processes are finished after one time setup.