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Pex-a Pipe for Underfloor Heating


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Product Description

Production Description:

  • Name: PE-Xa (Peroxide crosslinked polyethylene)heating coil

  • Material: PE-Xa (Peroxide crosslinked polyethylene )

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)

  • Specification:16*2.0, 20*1.9, 20*2.0, 25*2.3 (mm)

  • Pressure Rating: 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa ,2.5MPa

  • Color: transparent white or other colors as your request

  • Standard:  DIN8077/ 8078(German standard).  GB/T18992.2-2003 (National Standard)

  • Factory Certification:ISO; Bureau Veritas ; GB/T18992.2-2003 (National Standard) 

PEX-A  Floor Heating Pipe 16*1.8(mm)
200m/300m per roll


Feature of PE-Xa Products:


1, Healthy, comfortable & sanitary: conforming to traditional health care principles, dispel inner cold and invigorate the circulation of blood as well as guarantee air fresh, no dust or dirty-flow.

2, Good heat stability: Ground warmth has no a sudden heating phenomenon, large area heat-accumulating in the ground, heat-dispelling slowing, hot insulation is good enough to keep the indoor warm even during the warm interval period.

3, High productivity& energy saving:The whole radiation heat loss very little, and heat concentrate on the main space of human height. High heat-using rate and saving about 30% energy compared to traditional Radiant Heat device.

4. Using-area saving: saving living place about 3% because of no radiator or obvious pipe laying on the ground. All pipes are installed and concealed underneath the ground.

5. Economized & practical: save the cost of pipe decoration due to without pipes on the floor surface, saving the wastage and repair fees because its long using life can reach 50 years.