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HDPE 100/PE100 Pipe for Gas Supply


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Product Description

PE gas pipe Features:
* Corrosion. Polyethylene is an inert material, except for a few strong oxidant, can be resistant to a variety of aggressive chemical media, no electrochemical corrosion, no coating.
* Does not leak. PE gas pipeline mainly welding connection (hot melt connection or fused connection), compared with the rubber ring type joints or other mechanical joints, is not dangerous because of distortions caused by leaking joints exist.
* Good resistance to scratches capacity. Effective against scratches caused by stress concentration in the material, may greatly reduce the pipeline damage.
* High toughness. PE gas pipe is a high toughness pipe, its elongation at break generally more than 500 percent, based on the pipe's ability to adapt to uneven settlement is very strong. Is an excellent seismic performance of the pipeline.
* Excellent flexibility. Flexible polyethylene PE gas pipe can make the disk volume. Not slotted for construction, easy to PE gas pipeline in accordance with the requirements of the construction methods were changed.
* Advanced fused pipe structure. Non-exposed spiral heating wire to ensure the weld zone uniform heat conduction, and effectively put an end to the short circuit occurs when the pipe inserted into the phenomenon, while avoiding an exposed electric wire prone to aging corrosion defects and pipe inner wall smooth, easy to install .
* Good resistance to rapid crack pass. Rapid crack pipe refers accidental crack in the pipeline, at a speed of several hundred crack m / s growth, resulting in tens of meters or even a large instantaneous km pipe rupture accident. Actual use has not yet found a fast split polyethylene gas pipe.
* Long life, up to 50 years.
Our company using high quality raw materials to produce PE gas pipe, with production of PE gas pipe pressure piping components necessary for the production license of special equipment manufacturing license, manufacture caliber de20-1000mm, reputation-based, improve services,welcome to contact us.  
Physical Properties:

Item Typical Value
Thermal Stability >20
Longitudinal Reversion <=3%
Melt flow rate <=20%
Elongation at Break >=350%
Resistance to rapid crack propagation Full-Scale Test(dn>=250mm), Critical Pressure PC,FS>=1.5xMOP
S4 Test (for all size) Critical Pressure P C,s4>=MOP/2.4-0.072
Resistance to slow crack growth(en>=5mm) 165h
Hydrostatic Test Failure Time>=100h,20,9.0MPa(PE80),12.4MPa(PE100) No Leakage ,No Rupture
Failure Time>=165h,80,4.5MPa(PE80),5.4MPa(PE100) No Leakage ,No Rupture
Failure Time>=1000h,80,4.0MPa(PE80),5.0MPa(PE100) No Leakage ,No Rupture
Resistance to Weathering (afer accumulated energy>=3.5GJ/m2) Still meet requirements of item 1,4 and 9

PE gas pipe size :

Nominal  diameter(mm) The minimum wall thickness, en(min)
SDR11 SDR17.6
20 3.0 2.3
25 3.0 2.3
32 3.0 2.3
40 3.7 2.3
50 4.6 2.9
63 5.8 3.6
75 6.8 4.3
90 8.2 5.2
110 10.0 6.3
125 11.4 7.1
140 12.7 8.0
160 14.6 9.1
180 16.4 10.3
200 18.2 11.4
225 20.5 12.8
250 22.7 14.2
280 25.4 15.9
315 28.6 17.9
355 32.3 20.2
400 36.4 22.8
450 40.9 25.6
500 45.5 28.4
560 50.9 31.9
630 57.3 35.8