General method of hot melt welding machine


The hot melt welding machine adopts drawing plate structure and electric heating method.  The whole machine is in frame form, composed of three large plates: upper template, lower template and hot template, and equipped with hot mold, upper and lower plastic cold mold, the action mode is pneumatic control.  It is mainly used for welding plastic parts such as household appliances, car lights and automobile dissolvers.  Can be set according to different size of plastic parts heating power and mold size to achieve a variety of plastic workpiece welding, simple operation, easy to use. 

1, welding method: ultrasonic vibration with the welding head will be ultrasonic conduction to the welding parts, due to the two parts of the acoustic resistance, so local high temperature, so that the welding parts interface melting.  Under certain pressure, the two welds can achieve beautiful, fast and solid welding effect.  

2, embedding (insert) method: nuts or other metal to insert plastic workpiece.  First of all, the ultrasonic wave is transmitted to the metal, through high-speed vibration, so that the metal is directly embedded into the plastic molding, at the same time, the plastic is melted, and the buried insertion is completed after curing.  

3, molding method: the use of ultrasound to melt the plastic workpiece instantly forming, when the plastic solidification can make the metal or other materials of plastic firm.  

4, excision method: the use of welding head and base special design, when the plastic workpiece is just shot, directly pressed on the plastic branch, through ultrasonic conduction to achieve the effect of excision.  

5, riveting method: to metal and plastic or two different properties of plastic joint, can use ultrasonic riveting method, so that the welding is not easy to embrittlement, beautiful, strong.  

6, spot welding method: the use of small welding head will be two large plastic products point welding, or the whole row of tooth welding head direct pressure on the two plastic workpiece, so as to achieve the effect of spot welding.