PP Compression Fittings

PP compression fittings provide a new connection method for HDPE pipe. Different to thermal-fusion, like butt fusion & electrofusion, PP compression fittings belong to mechanical connection methods.

The PP compression fittings has become the most ideal fittings for small diameter up to 110mm:

Fast assemble & disassemble

When PP compression fittings can be installed in the most simple way, no welding, no special toos, very quick & easy to assemble & disassemble.

※ Less install costs.

Due to fast & easy assemble, the installation costs will be greatly reduced, which is much less than HDPE butt fusion fittings & electrofusion fittings

※ Chemical resistance

PP compression fittings are made by PP/HDPE material, which is corrosion free material. It is suitable for drinking water.

Compact design

SUNPLAST PP compression fitting has been kept to a minimum, making the fitting ideal

to use in confined areas. The design and size of the fitting means that in installations taking place

between two fixed points, the manipulation of the pipe into the fitting becomes easy.

No more pipe twist

 The PP compression fitting has been designed to minimise pipe twist as the nut is tightened. Maximum pipe twist is approximately a quarter turn compared to one and a half turns with many other fittings.Pipe twist can impact on not only the connection you have just made but also on the connection at the other end of the line

※ Perfect watertight

PP compression fittings are free-leaking when installed.

※ Various configurations

PP compression fittings can offer various configurations, such as female thread or male thread fittings, which give a option to connect to the other fittings rather than HDPE.

 PP Compression fittings specifications

PP compression fittings are consisted of 5 palstic accessories: one nut to close the system (2), one o-ring (4), one washer or insert (3) and one split ring or clearing (1). This last element, when the pipe is inserted and the nut is tight, makes a pressure on the pipe fixing it. The o-ring provides the perfect sealing of the union.

To connect the PP compression fittings, people only need to take 4 simple steps:

Step1: Cut the HDPE pipe vertically

Step2: Rounding and beveling the pipe ends by reamer

Step3: choose the right PP compression fittings, put the pipe, put the nut over the pipe, slide the compression ring over the pipe, make sure the mouth of the nut and the pipe faces the same direction, and don’t damage the rubber O-rings.

Step4: Follow the clamp tools instruction, position the clamp jaws so that their ends aligned with the end of the press sleeve. Shut the press damp and begin the pressing procedure

PP Compression fittings For HDPE pipe

SUNPLAST can provide PP compression fittings from dn20-110mm with designed pressure ratings PN16/PN10bars:

DN20-63mm: PN16

DN75-110mm: PN10

Product name 

Specifications available 

Pressure Ratings 


PP Compression Fittings 




Coupler, reducer, Tee, elbow 90 degree,  

reducing tee, female/male thread coupler,  

female/male thread elbow, female/male thread 

 tee, end cap, flanges, clamp saddle 

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PP compression fittings are widely used in water supply, agriculture irrigation & gardening.,etc

SUNPLAST PP compression fittings are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of standards  EN 712/713/715/911; ISO 3501/3503/3458/3459.The fittings can be installed on HDPE pipes which are in compliance with standards ISO 11922; DIN 8072/8074; UNE 53131. The threaded versions are manufactured in compliance with standard ISO 7; DIN 2999.

SUNPLAST PP compression fittings are also approved by CE certificate, conforming to ISO17885 standard.

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  • PP Female Coupler for HDPE pipe, available 20-110mm in PN16 & PN10, high quality warranted with 15 years, competitive wholesale prices, prompt delivery available. Contact us for more details of PP Compression Female Coupler / Coupling!!!

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