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SUNPLAST DN1000/DN1200mm HDPE Pipe To Australia


SUNPLAST DN1000/DN1200mm HDPE Pipe To Australia

We just loaded the container for dn1200/dn1000mm HDPE pipe, which is for Australia.

SUNPLAST HDPE pipes are made of 100% virgin PE100 material, whose quality can fully meet with ISO4427, EN12201, AS4129/4130 & DIN8077/8078 standard. The HDPE pipes are approved by CE certificate, WRAS certificate.

SUNPLAST is a integrated HDPE piping supplier in China, our HDPE piping includes:

HDPE pipes:   http://www.sunplastpipe.com/HDPE-Pipe

HDPE Pipe Fittings 

HDPE Butt fusion fittings http://www.sunplastpipe.com/HDPE-Butt-Fusion-Fittings

HDPE electrofusion fittings: http://www.sunplastpipe.com/HDPE-Electrofusion-Fittings

PP compression fittings : http://www.sunplastpipe.com/PP-Compression-Fittings

HDPE Pipe Welding Machine

HDPE pipe butt welding machine:   http://www.sunplastpipe.com/HDPE-Butt-Fusion-Welding-Machine

HDPE Pipe electrofusion machine:  http://www.sunplastpipe.com/HDPE-Electrofusion-Wedling-Machine

HDPE pipe socket fusion machine : http://www.sunplastpipe.com/HDPE-PPR-Socket-Fusion-Welding-Machine

Contact us freely if you are interested in our products.

Email: export@sunplastpipe.com

Wechat/whatsApp: 0086-15968403053

1200mm HDPE Pipe